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The serenity of having a healthy mouth

La serenità di un cavo orale sano

Dentalsan Clinic provides the professionalism of accredited specialist in the field of oral surgery, that branch of dentistry that includes surgical interventions in the oral cavity.

Oral surgery includes:

  • Periodontal surgery – that branch of dental surgery that deals with tooth support tissue that may be attacked by diseases such as periodontitis or pyorrhoea. In this case we proceed with regenerative interventions on bone and gums (by applying hypoallergenic and bio materials or, alternatively, of reconstructed membranes);

  • Pre-implant surgery – deals with the correction of bone and gum anomalies in order to prepare the oral cavity to the optimal insertion of the implants. In order to reconstruct the maxillary and mandibular bones we create synthetic biocompatible materials or with bone removed directly from the Patient (intra-oral areas);

  • Muco-gingival surgery – this type of oral surgery is used to treat diseases by repositioning crowns and inserting tissue removed from the Patient's palate in order to eliminate any beauty flaws and solve dental sensitivity issues.

  • Extractive surgery – involves extracting roots, impacted teeth and wisdom teeth.

  • Endodontic surgery - is surgery that applies apicoectomy, that is to say the removal of the top of the dental root affected by infection (granuloma).