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Restylane® hylauronic acid

Your youth secret

Dentalsan Clinic does not only care for the beauty of your teeth and smile, but it suggests its own secret to youth: Restylane® fillers, a line of hyaluronic acid treatments that soften wrinkles, remodel the contours of the face, give volume to your lips and new vital sap to your skin.
Restylane® fillers contain a gel with hyaluronic acid that can restore the presence of this substance that is naturally present in our skin and that, over time, tends to dry up causing wrinkles and decreased hydration. Thanks to the natural origin of hyaluronic acid not of animal origin Restylane® treatments are non-toxic – as proven by over 10 million treatments performed -, they don't require preliminary skin tests and, in addition to not influencing or limiting mimicry and facial expressions, they are generally well tolerated in terms of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity.

How Restylane® fillers work
Restylane® fillers are injected into the skin (or slightly under the skin) in small doses in order to restore the volumes of the face, lips and skin tone.
The sessions last approximately 30 minutes and it generates immediate effects.
How long does the effect last?
The effects of a Restylane® filler treatment last on average 6-12 months (but they can last up to 18 months).
At any rate, their effects are not permanent and this enables patients to keep their image under control.
The treatment of lips yields best results with a light touch-up every 6 months.
Areas of intervention
The most commonly treated areas include:
  • lips (increased volume, hydration, more definition),
  • cheekbones and chin (stretching, increased definition),
  • back of the hands (stretching, rejuvenation),
  • décolleté (smoothing out wrinkles, rejuvenation, increased definition),
  • face (smoothing out wrinkles, rejuvenation, increased contour definition),
  • eyebrow area (smoothing out wrinkles, rejuvenation, increased definition).