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The health of your teeth also includes gums and bones

The health of our mouth does not only involve our teeth, but also all that determines its structure and therefore gums, bone and fibre. These are the elements that are affected by diseases examined by periodontology and that may undergo progressive weakening and consequent destruction. The main causes of periodontitis are generally bad oral hygiene and negative habits such as smoking or bruxism. Their effects include swelling, receding or redness in the gums (gingivitis), halitosis, cavities and plaque, which, if neglected, may worsen the problem until those affected develop a disease.
Dental mobility is a possible consequence of this pathological development, which may lead to the loss of the elements.

An accurate initial diagnosis is fundamental and it involves:

  • measuring periodontal pockets,
  • gnathological, gum and deep periodontal measurements to verify pain scales, bleeding, plaque, tartar…
  • planning periodontal preparation with curettage, scaling and root planning,
  • study models,
  • Endoral x-rays in periodontal projection
At this point the specialists at Dentalsan Clinic may proceed with the removal of the granulation tissue contained in the pockets and this will be followed by a second periodontal visit in which we evaluate the response to the preparation so to plan for the events to come.