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Permanent and removable implants

As if they were your teeth

Total or partial missing teeth (also known as edentulism) may be fixed by the application of implants, that is to say artificial dental components that replace natural teeth.
Conversely, the purpose of some types of implants is to correct anomalies in dental aesthetics (shape, colour or position of the teeth).
Dentalsan Clinic offers a complete service of permanent and removable implants.

Permanent implants
Permanent implants are definitive products and therefore not removable by the Patient; they are cemented or attached to replace natural teeth. More specifically, they may involve the application of:
  • crowns or caps (to replace one single tooth)
  • bridges (to replace multiple teeth)
The types of permanent implants offered by Dentalsan Clinic include:
  • ceramics on metal implants
  • full ceramics implants (particularly aesthetically pleasing)
  • zirconium oxide ceramic implants (optimal aesthetic performance which, thanks to the zirconium crown, guarantees complete protection of the paradentium).
Removable implants
Removable implants are, as the name itself suggests, those implants that may be removed by the Patient in order to perform daily cleaning.
Dentalsan Clinic performs:
  • partial mobile implants – also known as removable prosthesis as it consists of a metal structure anchored to the teeth with hooks

  • total removable implants – used when there are no teeth to anchor implants, the total resin prosthesis (or dentures) represents an economical and not very complex solution, although subject to the gradual re-absorbance of the bone. Furthermore, the use of resins and ceramics guarantees, in addition to good aesthetics results, functionality and hypoallergenic proprieties.

  • combined removable prostheses – prosthesis that replaces the dental arch using the support provided by Osseo integrated titanium support. As it is attached to artificial pins, this removable implant does not discharge the chewing force on the residual teeth so not to cause their wear or tiring