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The smile vacation

Your vacation to Croatia for dental care at competitive prices may become an opportunity for a vacation, a moment of relaxation or a short cultural or leisure trip.


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In Italian it is known as Abbey for its beauty; its nickname is “The old lady” and “The pearl of the Adriatic”. Charming and elegant town overlooking the sea, famous location along the Adriatic Riviera and the centre of nightlife with its clubs and Casino, Opatjia is located 5 minutes from Dentalsan Clinic.

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Krk, Cres, Losinj,
Rab, Pag

Dentalsan Clinic is located along the road that leads to the pearls of the Adriatic: the islands of Northern Croatia Krk (Veglia), Rab (Arbe), Lošinj (Lussino), Pag (Pago) and Cres (Cherso). Traditional fortified cities linked to fishermen's traditions, seafaring vocation and a history whose traces may be found in monuments and old city centres, these islands are ideal to enjoy a vacation among culture, sea, relaxation and fun.

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Sanctuary of Our Lady of Medugorje

Driving on along the coast for 5 hours, one can reach the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Medugorje, a symbolic place for Christianity and privileged destination for pilgrims and the devoted.

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Drive 5 minutes and discover Volosko, a charming fishing village that belongs to the municipality of Opatjia. Today Volosko is an important centre for summer vacation, well known for its seafood restaurants The wharf [il mandracchio] is the heart of the city that fills up with tourists and swimmers in the summer months.

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Pula is at an hour's drive and it is known for its mild climate in addition to many Roman buildings and places of interests, among which the impressive amphitheatre.

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20 minutes from Dentalsan Clinic, is the town known in Italian as Fiume, Rijeka is Zagreb and Spalato. Among the places of interests we recommend the Church of Saint Vito, the City Tower, the Natural History Museum and, nearby, the Church of our Lady of Trsat and the Castle of Trsat.

Plitvice Lakes
National Park

Declared a Unesco world heritage site, the Plitvice Lakes national park stretches for almost 30.000 hectares, and it features 16 lakes connected to one another by a series of charming waterfalls and grottos. A breath-taking place, this park hosts hundreds of bird, butterfly, bats and various mammals, including wolves, brown bears, wild boars, lynxes and roe deer.