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Dental Implantology

Technological state of the art for your smile

Dental implants and capsules guaranteed

Invest on the health of your teeth.
For dental implants and capsules choose the guarantee of Clinical Dentalsan, your dentist in Croatia.

- 10-year warranty for dental implant
- 5-year warranty for dental porcelain capsules *

* The warranty is valid only in the face of regular dental check-ups and proper    oral hygiene.

Implantology of teeth enables us to replace the missing dental root by inserting dental implants into the upper and lower jaw bone.

Thus the implant becomes an “artificial root” made of titanium inserted into the bone and, within 3-6 months, becomes integrated by it. Then we can begin reconstructing the tooth above by making a crown inserted on the root implant. For an implatology procedure evaluation, Dentalsan Clinic makes use of x-rays and plaster moulds.

During the procedure, normally performed with local anaesthesia, the dentist creates an adequate "bed" in the maxillary bone, where the implant will be placed.
Since the “healing” phase that precedes the insertion of crowns, bridges of prostheses takes place over six weeks and a few months for beauty reasons may be temporarily inserted a temporary restoration in order for the Patient to have natural-looking and healthy teeth while awaiting the end of the treatment.