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Give life a healthy bite

Crowding of teeth, bad habits, incorrect swallowing, and protruding upper teeth: these are only a few cases that, if gone untreated, can cause serious problems of incorrect occlusion invalidating the individual's aesthetics and chewing function.
Once applied only in children, nowadays orthodontics, which entails the application of braces and retainers can take place even in adults and it is performed by Dentalsan Clinic achieving excellent results, even in terms of aesthetics.

In light of the fact that modern orthodontics is very linked to other sector branches (periodontology and implantology, which deal with support and recovery of missing teeth; paediatric dentistry and dental implants), Dentalsan Clinic offers a team of expert professionals, internationally educated and capable of offering personalized state-of-the-art solutions.

To cite a few examples, one may also align teeth impacted in the alveolar bone through a surgical procedure or in synergy with an implantological procedure, also intervene on Patients with hypodontia, that is to say missing teeth. The general objective of orthodontics is to restore the chewing function and obtain the aesthetics of a beautiful smile by applying brace or retainers.

Orthodontic treatment may include the application of:
  • Orthodontic removable retainers – applied by the Patient 5-6 times a day and at night;
  • Non-removable orthodontic braces – applied with aesthetic or non-aesthetic fasteners (metal or ceramics) to the teeth using a special adhesive that does not damage the enamel. Non-removable braces, worn 24 hours a day, are equipped with super-elastic threads (nickel-titanium) that generate constant forces to move the teeth thanks to metal ties, small elastics or, as in the new braces “self-ligating braces”.
    Orthodontic therapy, with non-removable braces lasts approximately 1-1.5 years, followed by a second phase during which the Patient wears a removable clear retainer.
    During the active phase, sessions last approximately 20 minutes and the patient returns for a check-up every 6-8 weeks.
    The retention phase, with a clear retainer, lasts approximately one year with returning appointments every 3-4 months.