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Pediatric dentistry

By playing at the dentist's children will learn about oral health
Dentalsan Clinic has developed a psycho-pedagogical approach for children.
As the dentist is often a source of fear for children, paediatric dentistry consists of, before any dental appointments or procedures, a child wellness protocol that entails spending part of the time playing with the child, earning her trust and gradually helping her familiarize herself with her surroundings.
In this way we avoid trauma and useless suffering for the child, who learns to care for his health and teeth in a fun way.

Dentalsan Clinic employs professionals who specialize in paediatric dentistry that is to say in that delicate discipline of dentistry that deals with the oral health of children and the proper development of their dental arch.

Paediatric dentistry is based on the application of preventive and corrective solutions well before therapeutical procedures. More specifically, in the presence of irregular development of the maxillary and mandibular bones or improper growth of one or more teeth, we may plan to apply corrective dental braces. Paediatric dentistry also plays in a role in cases, although not frequently, of trauma that could compromise the health of children's baby or permanent teeth on which quick action is of utmost importance to avoid development issues. At any rate, it is fundamental to teach the child from an early age to perform correct oral hygiene regularly.